Friday, August 31, 2012

USD/CAD Intraday Technical Analysis and Trading Recommendations for August 30, 2012

The USD/CAD pair was trading in oversold position within a wide range bearish channel which is depicted on the chart in red, when the pair broke through the upper limit of the short term bearish channel presented on the chart in Blue indicating a possible bullish retracement towards price level of 0.9970 seen on Wednesday with two successful retestings of the backside of the broken channel at 0.9888 then at 0.9845 on Tuesday.

Breakout above the bearish Blue channel gives the opportunity for the USD/CAD pair to visit the upper limit of the longer term channel around the price level of 1.0025 as long as the pair is trading within the current consolidation range above 0.9845. However, the pair found resistance around price level of 0.9945 which pushed the USD/CAD pair to the backside of the broken channel 0.9845 again before further continuation of the bullish movement.

Price level of 1.0025 corresponds to Fibonacci levels of 50% and 78.6% of the most recent two bearish swings. That's why price action should be watched there for a valid long term SELL entry with SL located above 1.0080.

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